Our Shows

The Crew is a highly inventive team, with a very varied repertoire aimed at entertaining a modern audience.

We love to dance on the street, but we also offer a tight set suitable for ceilidhs and barn dances. We wave flags in processions.

Our dances are designed to be enjoyed by all ages – and especially people who think they don’t like morris dancing.

A show might well include one or two of our mesmerising bacca-pipes dances (fancy footwork over two crossed churchwarden-style pipes), a stylish Cotswold morris jig, a comic item, a broom dance and something to involve the audience.

Our horse, Capernicus (aka Caper Knickers) is almost a show in his own right.

Our ceilidh spots generally last between eight and 15 minutes and feature four to six varied dances performed in rapid sequence, with an optional audience-participation dance to finish.

The Big Caper was premiered in 2006 in Belgium and has since been developed as a one-hour family entertainment for occasional performance at UK festivals, and also adapted for shorter performances. It featured the best of our street dances and some specially created material. Berkshire Bedlam’s showpiece material  included a coconut-clashing dance, stick throwing, and a theatrical sword-fighting dance. This show is currently being rested, but may one day be revived.  Read more here.

We are also keen to share our skills and ideas at workshops.

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