Many of the tunes used by The Outside Capering Crew have come from the 19th century Cotswold morris tradition; some are more contemporary, and a couple, Four Up and our broom dance tune, have been written by our own musicians.

They are played on melodeons: free-reed squeezeboxes that have become the dominant instrument for morris music. We increasingly turn to contemporary tunes, though.

Crew musicians Mark Rogers and Lawrence Wright play in their own ear-catching style. For the dancers, the result is a thrilling musical maelstrom that makes for an exuberant show. For variety, we may also use recorder, drum and pipe-and-tabor – the ancient instrument to which many morris teams performed more than 100 years ago.

The driving pace of The Crew’s sound is heard to great effect on three of the albums in Ashley Hutching’s Morris On series, euphorically overlaid with the full weight of Ashley’s band.

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