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"Your set in the Town Hall on Monday night was fabulous and helped the evening go way better than we all expected!" - Ali Messer of the band Momentum, at Chippenham Folk Festival

"The Outside Capering Crew kicks my vestigial coccyx. Possibly the best morris dancing ever. They get extra points for being nice, teaching us some elementary bacca pipe dancing on Sunday morning, and doing a skit involving people doing the holding-the-broom-and-jumping-over-it trick with rubber chickens. Wow.  - weblog comment by US dancer Miriam

"Best of all was a wonderful jig danced on the Arena stage as part of a celebration of things English, called Frost and Fire. Full on, folks - in a few minutes they showed those present what morris at its best is all about." - Don Barnes, Squire of the Australian Morris Ring

"Having just witnessed The Outside Capering Crew at Cleethorpes this weekend, I am now of the opinion that anything is possible! (including serious injuries with the non-hairy end of a broom)" - Malcolm Hills, Morris Dance Discussion List

"Street theatre meets morris. One of the most unusual morris acts ever." - Sidmouth International Festival programme

"Captivating. I hope we shall see the hobby horses again before too long." - Sue Swift, morris organiser, Sidmouth International Festival

"Some of the finest legs in the land." - reference in BBC Radio 2 website review of the Great Grandson of Morris On album, featuring The Crew and Dog Rose Morris.

"Those two dudes dancing with brooms was so funny." - email forum comment on the Morris On set at Cropredy Festival. Read more here

"Better than the Walloons" - comment on an early show with Berkshire Bedlam Morris in Belgium. Read about The Big Caper here.