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BBC Radio 2 website: Grandson of Morris On (audio)
The Crew’s Four Up signature tune, rocked up by Ashley Hutchings and his band, provides the final tracks on the third album in the seminal Morris On series. Get a flavour of them here.

BBC Radio 2 website: Great Grandson of Morris On
The Crew and the athletic Dog Rose Morris both feature on the fourth of Ashley Hutchings’ Morris On albums, reviewed here for BBC Radio 2 online. We don’t know which team is referred to in the comment about the legs.

FRoots Salad
Martin Banks profiles The Outside Capering Crew in an article for the national roots music magazine FRoots. Although The Crew has evolved a great deal since this piece was written in 1999, our philosophy remains much the same. Find it here.  

BBC News: Confessions of a morris dancer
Crew dancer Simon Pipe, writing on the BBC News website, celebrates the place of morris dancing in a modern society: “The sap rises and the adrenalin surges”.

Morris in the 21st Century
Morris dancing may seem timeless and enduring, but there are changes afoot as it enters a young millennium. Simon Pipe of The Crew gave an assessment on the contemporary morris scene for the folk publication, Direct Roots. Read it here.

Khaleej Times: Dancers bring best of British to Dubai
When the Khaleej Times called us the enthralling main entertainment highlight of Great British Day, we seriously thought about sprinting for the airport. You won't learn much about us from this article and you'll have to scroll through lots of Arab news to get to it, but no matter: we're just chuffed to have made the Khaleej Times at all. We also got a page 5 picture in Gulf News.

BBC Oxford: Sneaky horseplay on Cropredy stage
It was the ultimate fool's prank, standing centre-stage in front of 18 thousand music fans and brazenly taking a picture of them. Musicians never do that sort of thing, but you have a degree of latitute when you're dressed up as a horse. And when we got the camera back home, we practically wept. Find out why here.

Italian web review: When Morris On laughed them to 1972
Chris Leslie's violino wriggles and Ashley Hutchings plays the bottom, apparently. The Crew got only a passing mention in this highly entertaining review of the Grandson of Morris On album (though our musician Mark Rogers leads "one irresistibile sarabanda" that was singled out for praise). Sadly, the link no longer works, but we've given you the gist of what happens when an Italian music review gets translated by a computer.